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Van Halen. Never really a big fan, but when I was a kid, I thought their logo was super cool. I began drawing it on my schoolbook covers (yeah, we had to put paper book covers on all of our text books in middle school). Around the same time, I saw a documentary on  PBS about the Ivory Billed woodpecker. The lore and mystery surrounding that bird fascinated me so much that I began spending time learning how to draw animals. That lasted through high school. Shortly after I graduated, I bought a bass guitar and was invited to play in a band. Music quickly became my focus.


It was through the act of promoting a band I was in, that I combined my drawing skills with my graphic design interests. I created gig flyers, decorated practice spaces, madstage props, took promo photos, design business cards and conjured covers for demo tapes. As my music interests faded, I returned to school and earned two degrees; a BA in Communication Design and a BA in Studio Art, both from Texas State University.


Like music, I believe that well-crafted art is instrumental in evoking and maintaining the emotional disposition a person has towards another individual, a group, a product and/or a company. I also believe that art can direct and re-directs a culture. 


I offer over 15 years of experience, specializing in logos, visual branding, print and digital communications, album covers, portraiture and illustration.

If you have a design or art need, let's meet for coffee and let's discover if we're a good fit for each other. My treat. If you're out of the area, let's talk or visit online. 

To get the ball rolling, you can reach me at


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