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Van Halen. Never really a big fan, but when I was a kid, I thought their logo was super cool. I began drawing it on my school book covers (yeah, we had to put paper book covers on our text books in middle school.) Around the same time, I saw a documentary on the Ivory Billed woodpecker. The lore and mystery surrounding that bird fascinated me so much that I began spending my evenings learning how to draw animals. That all lasted until I graduated from high school. At which time, I bought a bass guitar and started playing in various bands.


It was through the act of promoting those bands, that I combined my drawing skills with my graphic design interests. I created gig flyers, decorated practice spaces, madstage props, took promo photos,  design business cards and conjured covers for demo tapes. For various reasons, I left the music scene and returned to school and earned two degrees; a BA in Communication Design and a BA in Studio Art from Texas State University.


I believe that well made design communications are instrumental in evoking and maintaining the emotional disposition a person has towards an individual, a group, a product and/or a company. I also believe that good art communications can direct and re-direct a culture. 


I offer over 15 years of experience, specializing in logos, visual branding, print and digital communications, album covers, portraiture and illustration.

If you have a design or art need, let's meet for coffee. My treat. If you're out of the area, then let's visit on zoom or just send me note and we'll discover if I'm a good fit. 

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